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Pregnancy recovery course

If you don`t speak any German or Swiss German, no problem, we will be able to help you out. All tough we will be teaching our courses in German, we do have non-German Speakers in our classes. If the majority of participants is not able to speak German, we will teach in English. 

We cannot translate all information in 2 or 3 languages during our teaching, this would require to much explanation time and that would be taken away from your time to move. 

For non-German speakers - we require a Personal Session before starting a Pregnancy Recovery Course. 

This is required to share all important information. During 45 minutes we will check out out on rectus diastase, pelvic floor and general body composition with our Inbody Scale. Costs for this are CHF89.-.

This makes your course easy accessible and better for you to follow through on all information. 


Training in Pregnancy

Let us guide you through training during your pregnancy. 


What can I expect? 

Language per coach: 

Silvia - German & English

Jennifer - German, English & French

Sabina - German, English & Dutch


Personal Training

In a 45 minute session we can really go into the depth of your actual fitness and make a strategy together on how to improve your health. 

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